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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Chapter 13 Summary

  • Caroline has come by again to show Macy and their mom pictures of how nicely the beach house is coming along. But Macy is worried that their mom isn't really ready for it yet.
  • A few days later, Macy helps cater an event close to her house.
  • After it's over, Delia asks if she can use the restroom at Macy's place. She is very pregnant, after all.
  • Bert is horrified, because any delay in getting home might cause him to miss his favorite show—Update: Armageddon. Such a cheerful subject.
  • Macy invites them all in to watch it; her mom is out of town for the night.
  • They're all amazed at how huge and fancy her house is.
  • Macy starts getting them Cokes, when her mom suddenly appears—she'd been there the whole time. Uh oh.
  • She introduces her friends to her, but mama ain't happy.
  • She takes her into her office to talk and tells her it's not a good night for company. Macy's got to work at the library in the morning and then work the welcome booth at the 4th of July picnic to help her mom.
  • She agrees that they'll leave as soon as Bert's show is over, and then she rejoins her friends.
  • As they're chatting, Wes mentions his arrest—and of course, of course, Macy's mom overhears.
  • She has Macy back in her office in a flash, freaking out about Wes, while Macy tries to calm her.
  • She insists they leave the second the show is over, and then calls out loudly, as Macy returns to the living room, that Jason is coming back for a visit. Tomorrow.
  • Totally awkward ending to what could have been a fun evening.

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