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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Chapter 14 Summary

  • Macy wakes up in an awful mood from a terrible nightmare in which she kept trying to jump in a car with her dad, but the car kept lurching away.
  • At breakfast, Macy's mom tries to talk to her, but she keeps answering phone calls on her cell after every few words. So annoying.
  • Finally, she gets it out. She doesn't want Macy hanging around with her new friends outside of work.
  • Macy tries to object, but before she can get a word in, her mom's back on the phone. Nice.
  • When Macy goes to leave for work, her car is blocked, so her mom has to drive her.
  • Macy's so mad that she decides to tell the truth for once. She tells her mom about her bad dream—and then, about all the bad dreams she'd had since her dad died.
  • She waits for some sort of major response from her mom, but gets… nada. Nothing. Zilch.
  • At the library, Bethany and Amanda are all atwitter about Jason's visit, and they send Macy to sort magazines in the back room.
  • Suddenly, in comes…nope, not Jason. Wes.
  • He comes up to Macy, but mean girls Bethany and Amanda jump into action, telling him they're sure she won't be able to help him.
  • He gets pretty annoyed, but since they insist, he asks them his question—where did the big tongs get packed last night?
  • Ah, beautiful and fully deserved humiliation.
  • The girls back off and let them talk.
  • Wes tells her they could really use her help getting ready for a catering event.
  • She thinks about it a minute, and then, just like that, she quits.
  • The girls are horrified, but she jumps over the counter and walks out with Wes, free and spontaneous.

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