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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Chapter 17 Summary

  • Macy's gotten used to her punishment now. She had been sulking, but now she's acting cold, but polite, toward her mom.
  • She is super restricted on what she can do. Basically, she's miserable.
  • Wes calls to talk, but it's not the same.
  • Kristy calls, too, but she has a boyfriend now, so she's busy a lot.
  • Suddenly, out of the blue, Jason emails. He apologizes for being harsh and seems like he might want to get back together.
  • Macy is so horrified by the thought that her life is slipping back into what is was before this summer that she breaks the rules and drives out to Wes's house.
  • He's not home, so she goes on to Kristy's.
  • Bert is there, just leaving for a date. Wow, really?
  • Macy goes in, wanting to talk to Kristy, but she's out. Only Monica is there.
  • So she heads back home again, and—on the drive home—sees Wes at a stoplight.
  • They talk for a minute, but Wes says he has an appointment to get to.
  • He's acting weird, so Macy gets back into her defensive mode. She tells him she might get back together with Jason, and then leaves. Ugh.
  • After driving almost all the way home, she changes her mind and turns around. She head over to the World of Waffles, hoping to find Wes.
  • She does. (Yay.)
  • But he's not alone. (Boo.)
  • He's sitting with Becky. (Double boo.)
  • Macy drives home, convinced that their friendship is over.

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