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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Chapter 20 Summary

  • Deborah has snapped.
  • She's running around the house, barking hysterical orders at Macy and Caroline.
  • Everything that can possibly go wrong is going wrong. Even stuff that can't go wrong is going wrong.
  • Just as Delia and her crew arrive, Deborah accidentally breaks a soap dish in the bathroom. She loses it and goes into her office to cry.
  • This time, it's Macy, not Caroline, who goes to her.
  • As she hugs her, they can hear Caroline telling Delia about all the disasters.
  • And Delia takes charge, ready to save the day as usual.
  • She makes the house ready for the guests, while Macy sits with her sniffling mom by the window.
  • Finally, Delia sends Deborah up to take a shower before the party.
  • Once she gets down again, Kristy waxes poetic about the tragic situation between Macy and Wes. That means Deborah finally hears the whole story, including the reason why Jason wanted a break.
  • And—wait for it—Kristy tells Macy that Wes had been breaking up with Becky at the World of Waffles, so that he could date Macy.
  • Whoa.
  • But before she can do anything, the guests start arriving.
  • Surprisingly, Monica gives Macy a little pep talk, telling her it's not too late, before walking away to get a tray.

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