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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Chapter 21 Summary

  • The party is a huge success.
  • But then Jason shows up, wanting to talk to Macy.
  • He's not impressed with Wes's sculptures, which drives her up a wall.
  • He starts talking about their relationship, and how they should make lists and have a dialogue about what they each want out of it.
  • Macy gets frustrated with him, until she realizes that he just really doesn't get it. He really believes everything can be anticipated and prepared for.
  • Suddenly, Macy sees Wes in the kitchen.
  • Caroline calls her in, and she comes over, thinking she wants her to see Wes—but she's talking about a new sculpture that has been dropped off.
  • Jason calls her back, but Macy is beyond listening to him or Caroline.
  • She runs like never before to catch up to Wes and makes him ask her the question he had passed on—what would she do, if she could do anything?
  • And then… she kisses him.

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