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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Chapter 5 Summary

  • Macy tries to compose an email to send Jason, but finally gives up and decides not to reply at all. Stupid Jason.
  • Her mom is back, and has found out about her new catering job because of a stain on her shirt. Macy couches her confession in a few lies, though, to make it more palatable to her. (Hmmm, so not the most open of relationships, here?)
  • She's surprised that Macy likes working with Delia, and she tells her that the library job should be her first priority.
  • Macy agrees, and then proceeds to not tell her mom that Jason basically broke up with her. (Suspicion confirmed.)
  • Speaking of the library, Bethany and Amanda have now crossed over into the Total Jerk Zone.
  • They know that Jason dumped Macy, and are making no secret of it. Talk about Mean Girls.
  • That night, Delia calls Macy to ask if she might be able to come over and help her make finger sandwiches for a luncheon the next day.
  • Macy's about to say no, but then she realizes that it's a beautiful summer night, and she has nothing else to do, really. Why not spend some time making sammies?
  • Delia gives her directions, and she heads out.
  • Of course, like Delia herself, the directions are a little nutty, so Macy gets lost and keeps passing the same country produce stand.
  • Finally, the lady running the stand calls out to her and tells her where to turn and to watch out for the big hole in the road, right past the sculpture.
  • The sculpture turns out to be a huge metal hand with a heart in the middle, which distracts Macy just long enough to get her tire stuck in the hole.
  • Luckily, Wes comes out and tows her car out of danger.
  • As Macy sits with Delia in her garage and makes sandwiches, Delia tells her that she feels there's a reason for everything—even chaos and problems.
  • She also tells her that her sister, Wes and Bert's mom, died of breast cancer.
  • Before she got sick, Wes had fallen in with a bad crowd, and was even arrested; but once she got cancer, he changed. He was the one who had made that huge sculpture.
  • Macy wishes she could deal with her dad's death the way Delia is dealing with her sister's.

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