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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Chapter 8 Summary

  • Caroline is back, and she's showing Macy and their mom pictures of the beach house.
  • She's gently helping them both work through their dad's death—opening their wounds with the pictures and the memories, but then quickly giving them something to hang on to by asking their thoughts on some aspect of the remodeling. Man, she's good.
  • Caroline goes out to her car to get some upholstery swatches for them to look at (take a look at these swatches!), and Macy heads for the laundry room to get her clothes out of the dryer.
  • She likes the idea of fixing up the beach house, but her mom still isn't sure, following her and talking about taking it down completely and building a new one from scratch. C'mon, mom.
  • When Macy gets Kristy's tank top out of the dryer, though—the cleavage-exposing one from her makeover—her mom notices and asks if it's new.
  • Macy thinks fast, and tells her a friend lent it to her to drive home in when she spilled salad dressing on her shirt. So, mom wouldn't approve of the partying, then, eh?
  • The next day, Caroline drags Macy along to the farmer's market to get some arugula for dinner. Macy didn't wash her hair and is wearing sloppy old clothes, so of course, who turns up? Why, Wes, naturally.
  • He's got a table selling his artwork, a bunch of angel whirligig sculptures.
  • Macy tries to avoid him, but he sees them (of course), so they have to walk over to say hi.
  • Caroline was an art major in college, so she goes nuts, analyzing the medium and message of his work.
  • Wes agrees with her analyses—out loud, at least. Then he turns to Macy to whisper that he wasn't really thinking that deeply when he made them; he just liked the materials.
  • He gives Macy a little angel with special sea-glass in its halo. (Interesting development…)
  • She almost refuses to take it, but she finally gives in.
  • Caroline buys several larger angels for her own back porch, and they head home.

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