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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


Sarah Dessen

 Table of Contents

The Truth About Forever Characters

Meet the Cast

Macy Queen

The funny thing about describing Macy as a character is that for a good chunk of the book, she's not herself. No, we're not talking body-snatchers here (though that would have been an interesting t...

Deborah Queen

You know that old saying—if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy? Well, that is definitely the case with Deborah Queen, Macy and Caroline's mom. She's not much of a presence in the first half of...

Caroline (Queen) Thurber

Caroline was one wild chick back in the day. As a teenager, she was always in trouble, sneaking out at night to party and hang with her boyfriend. But after her dad's death, she settled down a bit...


Delia, Wes and Bert's aunt and guardian, is the motherly, frazzled, pregnant Yoda of this book. And yes, we know that's a pretty weird image, but Delia's a pretty weird lady. She's always dispensin...


Okay, we're just going to admit it right off the bat. Wes is every girl's dream guy. He's gorgeous, he's fun, and he's a caring big brother. He's an artist with an ever-so-slight streak of the bad...


Bert, Wes's little brother, is one goofy kid. He's got a car—well, an old ambulance—he calls the Bertmobile, and he's obsessed with the coming apocalypse. In his words: "The end of the world is...

Kristy Palmetto

Kristy is one of those bubbly, vibrant, vivacious girls who live life to the fullest—and then some. When Macy first sees her, she's stunned by her energy:She was full of something so electric, al...

Monica Palmetto

Monica is, um, an enigma. Here's what we know about her: she's Kristy's sister and pretty much her polar opposite. She's excruciatingly slow, unbelievably accident-prone, and really, really quiet....

Jason Talbot

Oh, Jason. The perfect guy. Or is he?(Spoiler alert: No. No, he's not.)There's so much that's wrong about Jason, but on the surface, he seems flawless. He's blindingly smart, kind to his grandma, a...

Mr. and Mrs. Talbot

Jason's parents are just as genius-y and goal-driven as their son—and just as socially inept, too. They're both professors, but their grabby, rude behavior at a party Macy helps cater gives her s...

Bethany and Amanda

Bethany and Amanda are the epitome of Mean Girls. They're book-smart, sure, but they feel like they're more worthy of dating Jason than Macy is. Even before Macy starts her job with them at the lib...
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