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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Theme of Family

The Queen ladies sure are a motley crew in The Truth About Forever. Between Macy, Caroline, and Deborah, we've got a whole slew of attitudes, personalities, and coping strategies. But what's family if not complicated, right? As much tension as there is among these ladies, the Queens are proof that family can make or break you. Oh, and don't forget: the Queens aren't the only family in the novel, either. Catering is a family business, y'all.

Questions About Family

  1. Why does Wes work for his aunt when he's making such good money selling his artwork? Is it a family thing?
  2. Why does Deborah stiffen when Macy hugs her at the party? What does this indicate about the mother-daughter relationship?
  3. Is Caroline different than Macy and Deborah? Why is she able to heal more quickly from her dad's death?

Chew on This

Try on an opinion or two, start a debate, or play the devil’s advocate.

If Deborah had been more affectionate towards Macy, her problems never would have progressed so far.

Caroline should have left Macy and her mom alone to learn to deal by themselves—it would have been less painful.

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