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Character Role Analysis

Jason and Wes

Let's break this one down:

  • Wes is an artist, and Jason thinks Wes's work is junk.
  • Wes was arrested and sent to reform school, and Jason is the head of the debate team and volunteers in his free time.
  • Wes works for Wish Catering, and Jason works at the library.

Got it? These two couldn't be more different. But in the end, their differences not only highlight each of these characters, but they also tell us a lot about Macy. Who she chooses in the end helps us figure out what kind of person she's become.

Delia and Deborah

Delia and Deborah are both moms, but Delia has no problem showing her emotions and her affection toward Macy. Deborah, on the other hand, is much more reserved. But their main difference? The way they deal with chaos. Delia thrives on it—welcomes it, even—while it makes Deborah fall apart. Good thing Deborah's not a caterer.