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The Truth About Forever
The Truth About Forever
by Sarah Dessen
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The Truth About Forever Identity Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

My dad died. And I was there. This was how people knew me. (1.36-37)

Do you think people really thought of Macy that way, or did she just assume that was the case? Either way, at the beginning of the book, Macy's identity seems pretty wrapped up in how other people see her.

Quote #2

[M]y dad just knew me, knew what made me happy. (1.76)

Having someone around who really gets you can help you feel stronger about your identity, right? When Macy loses that person, she might feel like she's lost a little piece of herself, too.

Quote #3

If I wanted people to see me as calm and collected, I had to look the part. (2.2)

What do you think of this strategy? We can't quite tell if Macy wants to be calm and collected, or if she just wants other people to think she is. Or is it both?

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