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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Theme of Identity

Who is this Macy Queen girl, anyway? Well, at the start of the story, she's the girl who saw her dad die. Before long, she finds a weird half-identity as Jason's girlfriend—and that doesn't work out too well, either. How about a librarian? A caterer? Throughout The Truth About Forever, Macy learns that it doesn't matter who she's with or what she does; her identity can only come from digging deep and getting back in touch with her true self. And we, for one, are psyched about that, because we sure do like her true self.

Questions About Identity

  1. What do you think Macy was like before her dad died? What kind of information do we get from the book to help figure that out?
  2. Is Jason to blame for Macy's identity problems? Or was he just along for the ride?
  3. Do any of the other characters in The Truth About Forever have identity issues?

Chew on This

Try on an opinion or two, start a debate, or play the devil’s advocate.

Macy's identity was so wrapped up in her father's death that she had no chance of finding happiness until she moved past it.

Macy's dad's death is a part of Macy's identity and it always will be. She shouldn't try to fight that.

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