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The Truth About Forever
The Truth About Forever
by Sarah Dessen
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Mr. and Mrs. Talbot

Character Analysis

Jason's parents are just as genius-y and goal-driven as their son—and just as socially inept, too. They're both professors, but their grabby, rude behavior at a party Macy helps cater gives her some new insight into their whole family.

Kristy describes the scene with Mr. Talbot perfectly:

He insults my friend—to her face.—and then tries to go for shrimp. (9.75)

These two just don't take anything other than their own carefully planned out goals into consideration—relationships, feelings, being tactful? Nope. None of those are as important as striving for perfection. Mr. and Mrs. Talbot might be caricatures, but they definitely get the point across: no one's perfect.

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