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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Resources


Totally Official Sarah Dessen Author Website

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sarah Dessen and her books. Check out the blog—you won't regret it.

Sarah Dessen's Truth about The Truth About Forever

Want to get inside Dessen's head and see what she was thinking when she wrote this book? Look no further.

Author Bio

This ain't your regular ol' bio. It's almost like one of her novels.

Dessen's Facebook Account

You can be friends....

Dessen's Twitter Account

You can follow her…

Dessen's Pinterest Board…

You can stalk her in every way possible.

Movie or TV Productions

How to Deal

So it's not about The Truth About Forever, but we have to give our author props for making it big in Hollywood.

Articles and Interviews

Get to Know Her

Sarah Dessen sure knows how to give an interview.

Spilling her Guts

This lady doesn't hold back one bit.

Want to Be Like Sarah?

Ever thought of trying to follow in Dessen's footsteps and becoming a writer yourself? Here are some tips on how to do it.

Dessen for the Ears

In case you want all the dish on our author's audiobooks.


In the Flesh

Turns out she's just as eloquent in person as she is on paper.

National Book Festival Talk

It's 45 minutes long, but they'll pass in no time.

Fan Interview

Dessen is willing to talk to anyone about her books. What a cool lady.


The Truth About Forever Mixtape

We dare you to go back and reread each section mentioned with this music in the background. Perfection.


Black and White

Is she younger than you expected?

Glamor Shot

Smile for the camera!

Book Cover

He loves me, he loves me not. Is that what this cover is going for?

Author in the Spotlight

What's with the beads?

Heart in Hand

Remind you of anything?

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