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The Truth About Forever
The Truth About Forever
by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Setting

Where It All Goes Down

Wildflower Ridge

Ah, the grand old city of… oh, um. We have no idea. Let's start over.

Ah, the grand old state of… nope. Still no clue.

We never find out where exactly Macy and her family live, so it's probably not super important. What does matter, though, is that the neighborhood they live in, Wildflower Ridge, is her mother's brainchild, her parents' company's massive construction project, and possibly even a factor in her father's stress-related death.

Macy and her mom choose to live in this neighborhood of brand new houses probably because there's no past attached to it. New = no bad memories. In the meantime, they don't want to visit their family's old beach house, because it's all memories.

Caroline to the rescue! Big Sis skillfully brings the old and new together by remodeling the beach house; and eventually, that becomes part of their setting, too, and reflects their coming to terms with the past.

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