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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

 Table of Contents

The Truth About Forever Themes

The Truth About Forever Themes

Rules and Order

Mama Queen sure does love her some rules and order. And for that matter, so does Macy—in the beginning, at least. Both women in The Truth About Forever are trying to deal with their grief by taki...


Who is this Macy Queen girl, anyway? Well, at the start of the story, she's the girl who saw her dad die. Before long, she finds a weird half-identity as Jason's girlfriend—and that doesn't work...

Language and Communication

In The Truth About Forever, Macy and her mom just do not communicate. And they haven't for almost two years. They're both totally aware they aren't really done grieving, but neither one wants to...


This isn't quite The Ugly Duckling, but Macy does undergo a massive transformation over the course of her summer. From miserable and lonely to happy and in love, the events of The Truth About Forev...


Death has leaked into every part of Macy's life, so much so that she lets her dad's death define her entire being. She can't seem to deal with her grief and move forward with her life. But by the e...

Wisdom and Knowledge

Wisdom and knowledge are two very different things, and that's made very clear in The Truth About Forever. Jason has knowledge, and lots of it. But wisdom? That can only come from experience, and t...


The Queen ladies sure are a motley crew in The Truth About Forever. Between Macy, Caroline, and Deborah, we've got a whole slew of attitudes, personalities, and coping strategies. But what's family...


Everyone in The Truth About Forever has a different idea about what makes happiness. For Macy, it's finding your forever. For Delia, it's embracing chaos and brokenness and working with it. For Mon...

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