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The Truth About Forever
The Truth About Forever
by Sarah Dessen
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The Truth About Forever Transformation Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

I already knew this was where they took people to tell them the really bad news: that their wait was over, their person was dead. In fact, I'd just watched another family make this progression, the ten or so steps and the turn of a corner, crossing over from hopeful to hopeless. (1.39)

Well, that's depressing. This passage recalls the moment that Macy found out for sure that her father had died. Do you think her loss of self happened right in that moment? Or was it a more gradual transformation.

Quote #2

This life was fleeting, and I was still searching for the way I wanted to spend it that would make me happy, full, okay again. (6.122)

All Macy wants is to change back to normal. Just one problem: she doesn't know how. At least that's what she says. Is it possible that she does know how, but just doesn't really want to yet?

Quote #3

A single corkscrew curl dropped down over my eyes and I stared at it, surprised, as it dangled in my field of vision, the smallest part of me transformed. (7.39)

Ah, symbolism. This one tiny piece of hair is curled—transformed—and sure enough, it's a harbinger of much bigger changes. Maybe that's why an outward change in appearance makes such a difference to Macy.

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