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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Theme of Transformation

This isn't quite The Ugly Duckling, but Macy does undergo a massive transformation over the course of her summer. From miserable and lonely to happy and in love, the events of The Truth About Forever conspire to change her for the better.

And our leading lady isn't the only one who changes. Her mom—though she takes a different route to get there—has her own transformation. Change can be scary, yes. But what comes out the other side is usually worth the struggle.

Questions About Transformation

  1. When exactly does Deborah's transformation start? How about Macy's?
  2. Which factor was most important in causing Macy's transformation? Does most of it come from the inside, or are external factors the most influential?
  3. Does Caroline go through a transformation at all? How about Wes? Delia?

Chew on This

Try on an opinion or two, start a debate, or play the devil’s advocate.

Deborah's transformation is even more drastic than Macy's.

Macy doesn't really have a transformation. After all, she's just going back to being the girl she used to be.

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