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The Truth About Forever
The Truth About Forever
by Sarah Dessen
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The Truth About Forever Wisdom and Knowledge Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"I don't understand it. Actually."


"Look," he said, picking up his pen again. "It's not as complicated as you think." […] He started flipping pages in his book, still talking, and pointed out a passage to me. Then he read it aloud, and as his finger moved across the words it was like he changed them, magic, and suddenly they made sense.

And I felt comfort. Finally. All I'd wanted for so long was for someone to explain everything that had happened to me in this same way. To label it neatly on a page: this leads to this leads to this. I knew, deep down, it was more complicated than that, but watching Jason, I was hopeful. (1.21, 24-25)

The kind of knowledge that Jason has about school-related book stuff is what Macy craves to help her figure out the rest of her life. But as she notes, that's just not how life word.

Quote #2

Bethany and Amanda seemed to be pooling their considerable IQs in a single-minded effort to completely demoralize me. (3.38)

Smarts without a conscience can be dangerous, don't you think? At least Jason has some kindness in him.

Quote #3

[T]o her trained ear, I'd mispronounced Albert Camus' name while directing a sullen summer school student to the French literature section. (3.39)

Once again, knowledge is used as a weapon by the library gals. Just because they can pronounce some French author's name, they think they're better than Macy.

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