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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever


by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever Theme of Wisdom and Knowledge

Wisdom and knowledge are two very different things, and that's made very clear in The Truth About Forever. Jason has knowledge, and lots of it. But wisdom? That can only come from experience, and that's something that Delia has plenty of. Over the course of the novel, Macy comes to realize that she values wisdom over knowledge—and with all the craziness she experiences, we'd bet she's picked up a bit of her own, too.

Questions About Wisdom and Knowledge

  1. Do any of the younger characters in The Truth About Forever demonstrate wisdom?
  2. What are your favorite Delia nuggets of wisdom? Do you agree with them?
  3. Deborah doesn't really have her stuff together for most of the book, but does she have any motherly wisdom in her?

Chew on This

Try on an opinion or two, start a debate, or play the devil’s advocate.

Macy's mom is plenty wise, but since she doesn't listen to Macy, she can't apply it.

The Truth About Forever teaches us that suffering is necessary to gain wisdom.

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