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Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting


by Natalie Babbitt

Tuck Everlasting Chapter 14 Summary

  • Back at the Tucks' house, no one is sure what to do. But since it's bedtime, they decide to hit the hay.
  • Tuck is really suspicious about the whole situation, but Mae tells him to calm down.
  • Winnie bunks on the sofa, only to find out she can't sleep. Weirdly, she misses the home she was so uncomfortable in just one day before.
  • She wonders about whether the Tucks are actually immortal or not (could it really be true?!), and then she thinks about Yellow Suit Guy.
  • Eventually, Winnie starts to relax; she's getting used to being alone in the Tucks' living room and hearing all the small night animals make their sounds.
  • Soon enough, she has a few visitors. First, Mae comes in to check on her; it's pretty clear that Mae's really fond of our leading lady.
  • Next up, Tuck. He wants to reassure Winnie, but he doesn't seem to know quite what to say. Instead, he just gives her a kiss before leaving.
  • At this point, Winnie's thoughts grow more and more complex. She can't figure out what's up with the Tucks. It's like an information overload.
  • One more visitor! Jesse comes in, and—are you ready for this?—he basically proposes to her. He asks her to think about waiting a few years, until she's seventeen, and then drinking from the magic spring. Then she and he could be together, and maybe get married.
  • Yowza.
  • Winnie is so overwhelmed that she can't speak. Jesse asks her to consider it, and then he goes back to bed.
  • And Winnie thought she couldn't sleep before. Now she has an even harder time falling asleep because she's so stunned by Jesse's comment. Eventually, though, she drifts off.

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