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Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting


by Natalie Babbitt

 Table of Contents

Tuck Everlasting Characters

Meet the Cast

Winnie Foster

We're reading a book called Tuck Everlasting, right? And there's an entire family that we call the Tucks? Hmmm. Then why is the main character Winnie Foster?We're glad we asked. Without Winnie, we...

Angus Tuck

Tuck has it kind of rough. He's been around a while (over a hundred years) and he's kind of getting sick of life. But because he's his family's leader and center, he has to stay strong. Dream a Lit...

Jesse Tuck

A Pretty BoyWhen it comes to the question of immortality, Jesse is pretty much the opposite of his dad, Tuck. He actually kind of digs the whole eternal life thing. Maybe that's because he's the yo...

Mae Tuck

Down-to-Earth MamaEven before we know that Mae is immortal (which, let's face it, is kind of a big deal), we can tell what kind of person she is. Check out this first conversation we hear her have...

Miles Tuck

The Other BrotherMiles kind of plays second fiddle to Jesse in Tuck Everlasting, but he definitely has his moments. And we're here to scope them out.Bye-Bye, BabyIn the years between hitting the sp...

The Man in the Yellow Suit

Creep AlertThe nameless man in the yellow suit is a bad guy—make no mistake about it. Even before we know how slimy he is, the narrator makes it pretty clear that he's kind of a creeper: His tall...

The Constable

It's a little hard for us to take this guy seriously. Sure, he has dangerous and serious powers over the other characters because of his position, but let's be honest—he's kind of a bumbling fool...

Winnie's Family

We don't have much dirt on Winnie's family—her mother, father, and grandmother—because they just don't get much screen time. The most important thing to remember about them, though, is that the...
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