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Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting


by Natalie Babbitt

 Table of Contents

Tuck Everlasting Themes

Tuck Everlasting Themes


In a book about living forever, it's not surprising that death gets a lot of screen time. It's not easy to think about death—we at Shmoop don't even like squishing that bug that's always crawling...


Would time seem different if we had more of it? Would it pass more slowly? Would we get more out of it? In Tuck Everlasting, time lasts forever (literally!) for the Tucks. And it seems like Tuck is...


One big choice looms over all of Tuck Everlasting: should Winnie drink the immortality water? Does she want to live forever? Pretty hefty, right? But wait a sec—maybe the bigger issue isn't the c...

Life, Consciousness, and Existence

What would it mean to live forever? Well, we learn in Tuck Everlasting that everyone has a different answer to that question. (We're guessing you do, too.) The what-does-it-all-mean voice that carr...


The Tucks have a lot of love to give. Over a century's worth, in fact. They shower Winnie with that love, and she returns it in full force, falling in familial love with them within twenty-four hou...


Winnie sure knows how to pick 'em. Where other ten-year-old girls have besties over for sleepovers, Winnie traipses around the nearby woods and befriends an entire family of seriously old people—...


What happens when right and wrong collide and you're not sure which way to go? Tuck Everlasting faces that question head on, mostly by putting Winnie and the Tucks in some sticky situations. At the...

Lies and Deceit

Someone forgot to tell the Tucks that the truth will set you free. And so, in Tuck Everlasting, they're stuck, never able to admit to the rest of the world who they really are. They're living a lie...

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