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Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting


by Natalie Babbitt

Winnie Foster Timeline and Summary

  • Winnie is bored. B-o-r-e-d. Her only friend is a toad, so she decides to run away.
  • She goes into the forest and finds Jesse drinking from the spring. Soon after, Jesse, Miles, and Mae sweep her away so they can tell her their secret. Turns out they're immortal. Whoa.
  • Winnie spends the day with the Tucks, all the while learning what the family thinks about being immortal (verdict: mixed bag).
  • Yellow Suit Guy interrupts their breakfast, and threatens to make Winnie drink from the spring. Mae to the rescue, though: she attacks Yellow Suit Guy, messing him up pretty badly.
  • Winnie goes home, and she and Jesse plan to help Mae escape from prison. But not before Jesse gives her a bottle of immortality water—he wants her to drink it when she turns seventeen. Aww.
  • All together, Winnie and the Tucks break Mae out. Winnie says goodbye to them all and takes Mae's place.
  • A few weeks later, Winnie gives the toad her immortality water, figuring that she can always drink more if she decides she wants to. Plus, sharing is caring.
  • In the epilogue, we find out her choice. Drumroll, please: she never drank from the spring.