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by Sylvia Plath

Tulips Resources


Smart People Talk "Tulips"

Here are some excerpts from some smart folks who have written about this poem. This whole site, the "Modern American Poetry Site" is well worth checking out – it's packed with great stuff!

All About Plath

Here's a bunch of good links on Plath's work and her life. Poke around for videos, recordings, news stories, etc.

Movies and TV


A 2005 movie adaptation of Plath's life, starring Gwyneth Paltrow as the poet.

A&E's Biography Talks Plath

The long running show devoted an entire episode to our poet. Here's the info.

A (Very) Short Film Based on "Tulips"

You have to be careful with YouTube videos, but this is really well done: bleak and scary and intense, just like the poem. This one really is worth a look. (We should know, we've watched a lot of YouTube poetry videos!)


Sylvia Reads Sylvia

This is a recording of Plath reading from Ariel. "Tulips" isn't in here, but there's plenty of great stuff. She's got an amazing vocal style all her own. Just have a listen; you'll know what we mean.

Giving it a Shot

How do you think this guy does? Does he do the poem justice? How does it sound being read by a man when (we think) you imagined it being spoken by a woman?


A Collection of Plath Photos

Here's a bunch of interesting photos from Plath's life, collected in one spot.

Cool-Looking Tulips

Plath talks all about the heat and intensity of tulips. We think these really fit that imagery.

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