The Turn of the Screw
The Turn of the Screw
by Henry James
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The Turn of the Screw The Supernatural Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

But he had already jerked straight round, stared, glared again, and seen but the quiet day. With the stroke of the loss I was so proud of he uttered the cry of a creature hurled over an abyss, and the grasp with which I recovered him might have been that of catching him in his fall. I caught him, yes, I held him – it may be imagined with what a passion; but at the end of a minute I began to feel what it truly was that I held. We were alone with the quiet day, and his little heart, dispossessed, had stopped. (24.26)

Huh. What, we ask, really caused Miles's death? Was it simply the shock of the bizarre events that unfold around him, or was it actually true that Quint was somehow possessing his soul – and when the ghost disappears, he took Miles's life with him?

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