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1. In "Turtle," the poet uses boating metaphors primarily to→stress that the turtle is clumsy and accident-prone.
2. The main purpose of the simile in lines 5 and 6 ("Her track is graceless, like dragging / A packing-case places") is to→explain why the turtle must travel long distances in order to find food.
3. Why is the "ditch" described in lines 10-11 especially hazardous for the turtle?→Because the turtle could land in a helpless upside-down position in the ditch
4. In line 13, what does the metaphor of "wings" represent?→Transition from the material world to a spiritual afterlife
5. Kay Ryan would most likely say that "Turtle" is like a "clown suitcase" because the poem is→designed to express the poet's intense frustration.
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