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Twelfth Night, or What You Will

Twelfth Night, or What You Will


by William Shakespeare

Twelfth Night, or What You Will Act 2, Scene 2 Summary

  • Meanwhile, on a street outside Olivia's place, Malvolio catches up with Viola ("Cesario") and asks "him" if he was the brat that was just at Olivia's place chatting her up about the Duke.
  • Malvolio is all snobby and haughty when he whines about having to run after "Cesario" to give him back the Duke's ring – Olivia doesn't want it. (Remember when Olivia lied to Malvolio and claimed that "Cesario" gave her the little trinket on behalf of the Duke?)
  • Then Malvolio says to "Cesario" that Olivia wants nothing to do with Duke Orsino. And another thing, she doesn't want you back at her house unless you return to say that the Duke took his ring back.
  • Viola ("Cesario") goes along with this in front of Malvolio and says something like: "I'm not taking back the ring – Olivia took it from me so it's hers." Malvolio says whatever, kid, take the ring back and get lost.
  • Left alone on the street, Viola ("Cesario") wonders what the heck Olivia is up to since she never gave Olivia a ring from the Duke. Then Viola ("Cesario") realizes that Olivia has a crush on "Cesario" and remembers how Olivia seemed distracted and stuttered a lot when they spoke.
  • Then Viola ("Cesario") launches into a monologue about how she really feels sorry for poor Olivia, because women are weak and "frail." No wonder Olivia's been duped by Viola's disguise. Oh dear, what will happen now that Olivia's in love with Viola/"Cesario," whose in love with Orsino, whose in love with Olivia?

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