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Twelfth Night, or What You Will

Twelfth Night, or What You Will


by William Shakespeare

Viola (Cesario) Timeline and Summary

  • 1.2.1: Viola washes up on the coast of Illyria after surviving a shipwreck and being separated from her brother.
  • 1.2.7: Viola learns about Duke Orsino and Olivia and decides to dress as a boy and get a job at the Duke's court.
  • 1.4.1: After only a few days at Orsino's court, Viola (now disguised as "Cesario") is Orsino's favorite page.
  • 1.4.7: After Orsino gives an erotic description of "Cesario," "Cesario" agrees to woo the Countess on Orsino's behalf.
  • 1.4.7: Viola confesses to the audience that she is in love with Duke Orsino.
  • 1.5.1: "Cesario" gains access to Olivia after being saucy with Olivia's servants. "He" tries to deliver Orsino's love message but Olivia interrupts several times.
  • 1.5.19: After being bullied by Olivia, "Cesario" spontaneously describes how "he" would woo Olivia if "he" was Duke Orsino. Olivia is very impressed by all this.
  • 2.2.3 After leaving Olivia's house, Malvolio catches up with "Cesario" and gives "him" a ring from Olivia.
  • 2.2.3 "Cesario" now knows Olivia has a crush on "him" and feels bad for tricking the Countess.
  • 2.4.3: When Duke Orsino asks "Cesario" if "he" is in love, "Cesario" admits that "he" is in love with someone who looks like the Duke and is about the same age.
  • 2.4.5: "Cesario" is crushed when Duke Orsino says that women's beauty fades fast.
  • 2.4.9: After the Duke says women are incapable of love, "Cesario" disagrees and says women can love just as much as men do. Then "Cesario" tells the story of how his "father's daughter" kept her great love for a man a secret for so long she pined away. "Cesario" cryptically says that "he" is "all the daughters" and "all the sons" of his father's house.
  • 3.1.1: "Cesario" returns to Olivia's and meets Feste, after which "Cesario" says Feste is wise.
  • 3.1.22: When "Cesario" has a private meeting with Olivia, who tries to seduce "him," "Cesario" rejects the Countess's love.
  • 3.1.32: "Cesario" says "I am not what I am" and assures Olivia "he" doesn't love her or any other woman.
  • 3.4.2: "Cesario" receives a jewel from Olivia, but reminds the Countess of the Duke's love.
  • 3.4.5: "Cesario" is confronted by Toby, who says "Cesario" is about to get beat up. "Cesario" tries to run away, but it's too late.
  • 3.4.13: "Cesario" draws "his" sword against Sir Andrew Aguecheek against "his" will. Before anything happens, Antonio shows up and mistakes "Cesario" for Sebastian.
  • 3.4.15: The cops show up and arrest Antonio for being a pirate and, when Antonio asks "Cesario" for the money he supposedly loaned "him," "Cesario" is confused.
  • 3.4.17: "Cesario" suspects that Antonio has mistaken "him" for Sebastian but doesn't say anything about it.
  • 5.1.1: "Cesario" is standing outside Olivia's place with Orsino when Antonio and the cops walk by. Antonio accuses "Cesario" of being a disloyal friend and pretending not to know him. "Cesario" has no idea what Antonio is talking about.
  • 5.1.4: Olivia shows up and yells at "Cesario" for being a neglectful husband so soon after their marriage vows. "Cesario" doesn't know what Olivia's talking about and professes "his" love for the Duke.
  • 5.1.11: Aguecheek and Toby Belch run out and say that "Cesario" just beat them up.
  • 5.1.12: Sebastian shows up and "Cesario" comes face to face with him. Everybody figures out that they have mistaken Sebastian for "Cesario." Finally, "Cesario" reveals that "he" is really Viola, Sebastian's lost twin sister.
  • 5.1.17: Viola agrees to marry the Duke when he proposes but says she can't change her dress because the sea captain has it. The Duke says they'll get married when Viola changes her clothes. In the meantime, Viola and the Duke go inside Olivia's house to celebrate.