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Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory

A bunch of specific cars are mentioned in Twilight. The humans tend to have average vehicles, while each member of the Cullen clan has an amazing car. Let's take a quick review of who drives what (check out some pictures of them on Meyer's website):

  • Edward: Silver Volvo S60R
  • Carlisle: Black Mercedes S55 AMG
  • Emmett: Jeep Wrangler
  • Rosalie: red BMW M3 Convertible
  • Bella: 1953 Chevrolet Pickup Truck
  • Charlie: Police Chief Cruiser
  • Jacob: 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit
  • Mike: Suburban
  • Tyler: Van, and later a used Sentra
  • Jessica: Old, White Mercury
Here's a question: did Stephenie Meyer choose to give each character a particular vehicle at random, or was there some reasoning behind her choices? Well, we can't be sure, but each car does seem to hint at the personality traits of each owner.

Let's start with Edward. Volvos have a reputation for being super-safe for their passengers, so this vehicle seems to go along nicely with Edward's protective and cautious nature. The color silver fits well because it isn't too flashy – Edward doesn't like to stick out too much. But even though it's a safe car, it's not boring – this car can go fast and it's "shiny."

Carlisle's black Mercedes is high performance car, but also not too attention-grabbing. Emmett's Jeep Wrangler is rough and tough, just like he is. Rosalie's hot little BMW is flashy and fiery (it's red), just like she is.

As for Bella's truck, well, it's a vintage classic. An oldie but goodie. It sticks out among the other humans' cars because it has a lot of personality. It may be somewhat near death's door, but as of now it seems to be surviving just fine. Kind of like its owner.

Like Bella's truck, Jacob's car stands out as having a bit more personality than the average human vehicle. It's a 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit…but it's not quite running yet. In fact, Jacob is working on repairing it and needs a master cylinder. All the same, it's a relatively fun little car.

Charlie's police chief cruiser points to him being responsible for rules and order, and hints at him being a protective dad.

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