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by Stephenie Meyer

Current Events & Pop Culture

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Sample of Current Events & Pop Culture

“Vampire Vacation"

The New York Post reports that "Twilight Fans Turn a Quiet Indian Reservation Into an Unwitting Tourist Mecca." This article discusses the impact of Twilight mania on the Quileute Reservation in La Push, Washington.


“They fret about how their creation story is portrayed in the book. The tribe says they were changed from wolves to humans by a traveler. Meyer took literary liberty, enabling them to change back at will in an eternal battle against vampires. ‘This is our opportunity to educate people on Quileute history,’ Counsell says. […]Tribal publicist Jacobs practically scoffs at questions about what the Quileutes will do once "Twilight" fades. ‘The Quileute have traced their ancestry to the Ice Age,’ she says. ‘One day, 'Twilight' will go away and they will continue being the hospitable, welcoming people they've always been, practicing the culture they have been practicing for tens of thousands of years.’”