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by Stephenie Meyer

Family Quotes in Twilight

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter. Paragraph)

Quote #7

[Edward to Bella:] "You miss your mother," he whispered. "You worry about her. And when it rains, the sounds make you restless. You used to talk about home a lot, but it's less often now. Once you said, "It's too green.'" (14.78)

At this point, Phoenix feels like home. Bella still considers Forks to be her dad's town.

Quote #8

[Charlie to Bella:] "Well, you're too good for them all, anyway. Wait till you get to college to start looking." Every father's dream, that his daughter will be out of the house before the hormones kick in. (14.116)

Sometimes, Charlie and Bella act like a normal father/daughter pair. Here, Charlie is being a protective dad.

Quote #9

[Bella to Edward:] "You said that Rosalie and Emmett will get married soon...Is that…marriage...the same as it is for humans?" (14.265)

Bella asks what marriage is like for vampires. Without saying it explicitly, she's trying to find out what the future might have in store for her.

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