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by Stephenie Meyer

Good vs. Evil Quotes in Twilight

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter. Paragraph)

Quote #10

[Edward to Bella:] "I can't adequately describe the struggle; it took Carlisle two centuries of torturous effort to perfect his self-control. Now he is all but immune to the scent of human blood, and he is able to do the work he loves without agony. He finds a great deal of peace there, at the hospital…" (16.57)

Edward speaks of Carlisle, who seems to have won his internal battle between good and evil. He can work happily at the hospital – unthinkable for anyone else in the Cullen family, with all that human blood.

Quote #11

[Carlisle to Edward:] "See if you can suck the venom back out. The wound is fairly clean." As Carlisle spoke, I could feel more pressure on my head, something poking and pulling at my scalp. The pain of it was lost in the pain of the fire. (23.43)

Edward has to fight his more primal, or in his mind "evil," instincts, in order to save Bella. All his practice struggling with the evil within himself has led up to this moment.

Quote #12

[Bella:] "Good." He hadn't promised, though – a fact that I had not missed. The panic was only barely contained; I had no strength left to control the anger. "You told me how you stopped…now I want to know why," I demanded. […]

Edward's eyes seemed to turn flat black, and I remembered that this was something he'd never intended me to know. Alice must have been preoccupied by the things she'd learned about herself or she'd been very careful with her thoughts around him – clearly he'd had no idea that she'd filled me in on the mechanics of vampire conversions. (24.189, 192)

Bella wants to know why Edward didn't just let her change into a vampire after James had bitten her. Though Edward considers himself to be a "monster," Bella wants to become like him so they can be together forever.

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