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by Stephenie Meyer

Isolation Quotes in Twilight

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Quote #7

In a lot of ways, living with Charlie was like having my own place, and I found myself reveling in the aloneness instead of being lonely. (3.5)

There is a difference between isolation and loneliness. Although Bella is isolated, she claims she isn't lonely. Do you believe her?

Quote #8

Driving to school, I distracted myself from my fear of falling and my unwanted speculations about Edward Cullen by thinking about Mike and Eric, and the obvious difference in how teenage boys responded to me here. I was sure I looked exactly the same as I had in Phoenix…Maybe it was just that the boys back home had watched me pass through all the awkward phases of adolescence and still thought of me that way. Perhaps it was because I was a novelty here, where novelties were few and far between. Possibly my crippling clumsiness was seen as endearing rather than pathetic, casting me as a damsel in distress. Whatever the reason, Mike's puppy dog behavior and Eric's apparent rivalry with him were disconcerting." I wasn't sure if I didn't prefer being ignored. (3.9)

Bella speculates on why the boys in Forks are interested in her, given that she was ignored back in Phoenix. She seems to find the attention unwelcome. Is that because she truly likes being ignored, or because she's not interested in Mike and Eric? After all, it seems that she wants to be noticed by Edward.

Quote #9

Edward was never surrounded by crowds of curious bystanders eager for his firsthand account. People avoided him as usual. (4.6)

Bella notes that even after the accident where Edward was the hero, everyone ignores him. Why do you think that's the case?

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