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by Stephenie Meyer

Language and Communication Quotes in Twilight

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter. Paragraph)

Quote #7

[Edward to Bella:] "No, that's the problem. You take everything so coolly – it's unnatural. It makes me wonder what you're really thinking." (10.16)

Edward is frustrated because he can't read Bella's mind. It is a new experience for him to have to ask someone what's on her mind. To make it worse, Edward has a hard time reading Bella's emotions as well.

Quote #8

[Edward to Bella:] "And as for [Jessica's] other question…well, I'll be listening to hear the answer to that one myself." (10.51)

This is one way to find out what someone thinks of you. Jessica is about to give Bella the third degree. Edward warns Bella that he is going to listen to Jessica's thoughts in order to find out what Bella thinks of him. Does this seem fair to you, or is Edward invading Bella's privacy?

Quote #9

[Edward to Bella:] "You did," he agreed, but his voice was still rough. "You aren't precisely right, though. I do want to know what you're thinking – everything. I just wish...that you wouldn't be thinking some things." (10.148)

Edward claims that he wants to know what Bella's thinking. However, when he finds out what's going on in her mind, he sometimes gets angry.

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