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by Stephenie Meyer

Language and Communication Quotes in Twilight

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter. Paragraph)

Quote #10

[Bella to Edward:] "Well, aside from the obvious…" I hesitated. "I can't be sure – I don't know how to read minds – but sometimes it seems like you're trying to say goodbye when you're saying something else." That was the best I could sum up the sensation of anguish that his words triggered in me at times. (10.169)

Bella can't do any fancy vampire mind-reading, but she seems to read Edward well here. He's conflicted. He keeps trying to say goodbye, but can't bear to actually make himself walk away.

Quote #11

[Edward to Bella:] "And you still want to know why you can't see me hunt?" He seemed solemn, but I thought I saw a trace of humor deep in his eyes. (11.65)

Edward and Bella learn to read each other's expressions and emotions. Since their relationship is naturally intense, they sometimes communicate with humor – it can make scary questions less scary.

Quote #12

[Edward to Bella:] "Tell me what you're thinking," he whispered. I looked to see his eyes watching me, suddenly intent. "It's still so strange for me, not knowing." (13.15)

It is weird for Edward to have to ask Bella what's on her mind. He wishes he just could read her thoughts. Welcome to human world, Eddie. The fact that Edward can't read Bella's mind helps to make their relationship a bit more equal.

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