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by Stephenie Meyer

Language and Communication Quotes in Twilight

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter. Paragraph)

Quote #16

[Jasper to Bella:] "I can feel what you're feeling now – and you are worth it." (19.159)

Though Jasper can't read minds, he does have another skill that aids communication – he can feel others' emotions. Here, though he doesn't know Bella's exact thoughts, he can sense what she's feeling.

Quote #17

The gray light, streaking across the cloudless sky, stung my eyes. But I couldn't close them; when I did, the images that flashed all too vividly, like still slides behind my lids, were unbearable. Charlie's broken expression – Edward's brutal snarl, teeth bared – Rosalie's resentful glare – the keen-eyed scrutiny of the tracker – the dead look in Edward's eyes after he kissed me the last time…I couldn't stand to see them. So I fought against my weariness and the sun rose higher. (20.6)

While racing to Phoenix, Bella thinks about all the non-verbal cues she has received in the recent past. A lot can be communicated without speaking.

Quote #18

[Bella to Edward:] "You are my life. You're the only thing it would hurt me to lose." I was getting better at this. It was easy to admit how much I needed him. (24.204)

This passage reveals a change in Bella. At the beginning of the novel, she had a hard time communicating her emotions and making herself vulnerable, but now she can communicate her deeper feelings to the people around her.

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