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Sex Quotes in Twilight

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Quote #25

[Edward to Bella:] "What am I going to do with you?" he groaned in exasperation. "Yesterday I kiss you, and you attack me! Today you pass out on me!" (15.100)

He should probably stop complaining and take her actions as enthusiastic compliments...

Quote #26

I wasn't so lost to the soreness of the fog of medication that I didn't respond to his touch. The beeping of the monitor jumped around erratically – now he wasn't the only one who could hear my heart misbehave. […] He leaned in slowly; the beeping noise accelerated wildly before his lips even touched me. But when they did, although with the most gentle of pressure, the beeping stopped altogether. (24.61)

Even wounded, in the hospital, and on pain medications, Bella is attracted to Edward.

Quote #27

[Edward:] "It seems that I'm going to have to be even more careful with you than usual." He frowned.

[Bella:] "I was not finished kissing you," I complained. "Don't make me come over there." (24.66-67)

Even in the hospital, the attraction is there.

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