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by Stephenie Meyer

Strength and Skill Quotes in Twilight

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter. Paragraph)

Quote #1

In his rearview mirror, Edward's eyes were on me. He was unquestionably shaking with laughter, as if he'd heard every word Tyler had said. (4.96)

Bella isn't aware of it yet, but Edward can hear what Tyler is thinking. Edward seems to get a great deal of amusement from getting at Bella's thoughts through the other Forks High students.

Quote #2

[Bella:] "I smelled the blood," I said, wrinkling my nose […].

[Edward:] "People can't smell blood," he contradicted.

[Bella:] "Well, I can – that's what makes me sick. It smells like rust...and salt." (5.205-207)

In a scene of great irony, Bella faints at the smell of blood. She does have a unique skill that most humans apparently do not have: she can smell blood.

Quote #3

[Bella:] "Okay, then." I glared at him, and continue slowly. "Let's say, hypothetically of course, that…someone…could know what people are thinking, read minds, you know – with a few exceptions." [Edward:] "Just one exception," he corrected, "hypothetically." (8.189, 190)

Edward's special skill is that he can read minds – well, everyone's mind but Bella's. Why do you think he can't read Bella's mind? Why would Meyer have made that the case?

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