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The Two Towers

The Two Towers


by J.R.R. Tolkien

Frodo Baggins Timeline and Summary

  • Having left the Company and decided to continue the Ring quest on their own, Frodo and Sam get lost in the Emyn Muil.
  • Luckily (we guess) they find Gollum, who has been tailing them since they left Rivendell.
  • Together, they capture Gollum, with whom Frodo strikes a bargain: that he will not hurt Gollum as long as Gollum shows Frodo the way into Mordor.
  • As the trio travels toward Mordor, they are ambushed by some Gondorian scouts, who bring Frodo and Sam to their leader, Faramir, who happens to be Boromir's brother.
  • After deciding not to take the Ring from Frodo, Faramir gives Frodo and Sam provisions and advice.
  • Frodo and Sam leave Faramir and his men behind, leery of Gollum's guidance, but having no choice but to follow the creature.
  • Gollum takes Frodo and Sam high into the mountains, until they finally reach the pass of Cirith Ungol.
  • Gollum suddenly disappears, so Frodo and Sam proceed on their own.
  • Inside the dark tunnel of the pass, Frodo is attacked by a giant spider named Shelob.
  • Meanwhile Gollum leaps out and tries to strangle Sam.
  • Sam and Frodo realize that Gollum has betrayed them in an attempt to steal the Ring.
  • Frodo and Sam fight back as best they can, but Frodo winds up getting bitten by Shelob anyway.
  • Sam fights her off of Frodo, but Sam thinks that Frodo has been killed, so he takes Sting, the star-gem of Galadriel, and the Ring to continue Frodo's quest.
  • But when he finds out that Frodo is alive, he resolves to rescue his buddy so that they can continue the quest together.