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The Tyger

The Tyger


by William Blake

The Tyger Resources



A pretty cool short film/music video from Brazil that uses as inspiration some of the themes from "The Tyger." Check out the "about" section to learn more about how the creators interpreted the poem and how that may compare to your own interpretation.

"The Tyger" Read Aloud

Is a relatively decent recitation if you’re not sure where to start. In general, we find poetry recitations to always fall short somehow, not quite capturing the energy that the poem has in your own mind. But please, check a few out and prove us wrong.


A Reading of "The Tyger"
For an extreme reading of the poem by a well-known poet, check out this site. Definitely brings out the spookiness factor…


Original Manuscript

A copy of one of Blake’s original manuscripts of "The Tyger." If you look closely, you can notice the changes he made – it’s actually pretty cool.

The Poet

A portrait of Blake


The William Blake Archive

An incredible project by a bunch of dedicated Blake scholars and institutions. This site has every page of every major copy of every work of Blake’s still in existence online as well as a slew of other helpful links and resources. There's a Blake biography, a huge bibliography, a concordance, etc. It almost gives us butterflies. You can view the illustrations, zoom them, find descriptions of them – it’s just great. With all Blake, his illustrations are incredibly important to the interpretation of the text, so don’t pass up the chance to check this out!

"The Tyger"

The William Blake Archive page for "The Tyger." Check out the illustration, especially the expression on the Tyger's face. Blake was a very skilled painter and the rather content, tame look on the Tyger’s face is no accident – what do you think this means? Also, take a look at the Tyger from the other versions of the poem (select an edition in the box below the image and click "compare") – notice how it changes!

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