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by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies Betrayal Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

A moment later, his head stuck out over the edge. "Where is it?"

"Under the rapchuck."

"The what?"

"The rapchuck. You know, the old-fashioned thingie where the roofline connects with the abbersnatch."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"It's Smokey slang, I guess. Let me show you." (35.52-7)

Finally, a fun bit of betrayal: here, Tally is pretending to work for Dr. Cable and pretending to help this Special. They're not friends, but they do have some relationship of trust, and Tally is betraying that trust. But, you know, for the good side this time.

Quote #8

"I didn't turn you in!" Tally cried. "Not on purpose, anyway. And the whole thing with David was just an accident. I didn't mean to hurt you." (46.74)

This is Tally's defense, and honestly, it's not a great one. It may help to tell your friend, "I didn't mean to do that terrible thing that I did," but that doesn't fix things. By this time, Shay has already had the brain lesions and she's totally cool with Tally betraying her. But Tally will soon come to realize that she has to do more than apologize—she has to fix her betrayal.

Quote #9

"I came to betray her." (49.28)

When Tally comes out and confesses to David, she doesn't hem-and-haw. Which is why we like Tally: she may betray her friends, but when she (finally, finally) realizes she needs to confess to fix things, she comes right out and admits she was wrong. (Which is also why we know she'll never be a politician.)

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