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by Scott Westerfeld
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Uglies Chapter 15 Summary


  • But instead of thinking about helping Special Circumstances, Tally spends her waking hours (at night) riding her hoverboard through the park space of the city, where she can be alone.
  • On her fourth night in exile, after a wild ride through the trees, Tally comes back to the dorm to find Peris waiting for her.
  • Pretty Peris tells Tally that every pretty wants to meet her because this whole criminal thing is very fashionable.
  • And he convinces her to help Dr. Cable because, although Tally made a promise to Shay, Tally made a promise to Peris first. Also, he's got adorably big eyes, which helps convince her.
  • So after Peris leaves, Tally calls Dr. Cable to say she'll help. Yay?
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