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by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies Chapter 3 Summary


  • After jumping off a building (should this book come with a "do not try at home" label?), Tally makes her way to the river.
  • Except, instead of being hunted by pretties, who are terrible hunters, now Tally is being hunted by the wardens. (The older pretties who run the city. Like police, with really nice skin.)
  • Tally sees a warden by the river, which really worries her. But luckily, this person isn't a warden but another ugly who likes breaking into New Pretty Town.
  • This is Shay, who is seriously ugly—"her eyes were too wide apart" and she's too skinny (42). Ugh.
  • Shay is really impressed by Tally's trick of setting off a fire alarm.
  • The two bond over being lonely, since their friends are almost all pretty now.
  • Tally admits that seeing Peris kind of sucked, since he was all, like, "yeah, we're still best friends, just… be prettier."
  • Shay has a way to get them out of New Pretty Town: a hovering skateboard (hoverboard—and if you have trouble imagining what that's like, check this out).
  • But they still decide to use the bridge, which seems like a waste of a hoverboard to us.

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