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by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies Chapter 47 Summary

Night Alone

  • The runaways meet back up at a cave, except for Maddy and David, who are spending a night by themselves in the Rusty Ruins.
  • They all survive thanks to some help by the city uglies, who are playing tricks and riding their hoverboards.
  • The next morning, Tally wakes up to Shay being a whiny pretty. But since she's so pretty, all of her old friends are a little in awe of her and try to make her happy: "One thing about being pretty, people put up with your annoying habits" (39).
  • Then they meet up with David and Maddy.
  • And Maddy has news about the pretty surgery: since they grabbed some of Dr. Cable's notes, she thinks she can find a cure.
  • So they can cure Shay and she can start hating Tally again. Yay?

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