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by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies Chapter 48 Summary

Hippocratic Oath

  • The ex-Smokies stay in the Rusty Ruins, meeting with more of the uglies, spreading the story of the brain damage surgery and the legend of the Smoke.
  • The Specials try harder to capture Tally and the New Smokies (that's our new band name), but they can't.
  • Meanwhile, Maddy does discover that cure for the brain damage after all, so they can cure Shay.
  • But Shay doesn't want to be cured, and since the cure is just experimental, Maddy won't give it to Shay against her will.
  • As Shay explains, it's nice not to have all those raging ugly hormones and crazy moods. It's nice to be happy. (Can't argue with that. But, you know, they do tend to simmer down once you reach your 20s whether you have surgery or not.)
  • Tally wants Maddy to just cure Shay, but Maddy explains that experimental cures are dangerous. In fact, that's how Az died: the Specials wanted to make him forget about the brain lesions, so they experimented on him until he died.
  • They need a willing subject. How about Tally?

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