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by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies Characters

Meet the Cast


Like almost every 15-year-old everywhere, Tally just wants a normal life—she wants to turn 16, get her driver's license/pretty surgery, and then party all night with her friends with her parents...


Shay likes to leap before she looks, and sometimes she doesn't look at all. Shay is a lot like Tally in some ways: they're both alone, they're both around the same age, and they both like breaking...


In some ways, David is the least rebellious rebel, because he's born into it. David is the young ugly who was born in the Smoke to two runaway doctors; and his main job is to get other uglies from...


We kind of feel sorry for Peris, because we bet he used to be cool. When he and Tally were both uglies, they used to play all sorts of ugly tricks, like breaking into New Pretty Town and basically...

Maddy and Az

What if your mid-life crisis was that the secret police are after you? This is the situation that Maddy and Az are in. David's parents, they were both doctors in the city. Which means that they bot...

Sol and Ellie

Sol and Ellie are like cool parents—the kind of parents who are fun when they're someone else's parents and maybe not so great when they're yours. And they're the perfect foils for Maddy and Az,...

Dr. Cable

If Maddy and Az are the good adults, and Sol and Ellie are the well-meaning but not-so-smart adults, then Dr. Cable must be the bad adult. (What other kinds are there?)Dr. Cable heads up Special Ci...

Croy and the Other Smokies

The Smoke isn't just made up of a love triangle (Tally-David-Shay) and parents (Maddy and Az)—there are some ordinary people there. Well, as ordinary as rebels and runaways can be. There are a bu...

Uglies, Pretties, and Specials

You could argue that the real important division in this book isn't between individual characters, but between different groups of characters: the uglies (who haven't yet been operated on), the pre...
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