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by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies Freedom and Confinement Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

Tally snorted. "You're not giving me a choice."

Dr. Cable smiled. "We always have choices, Tally. You've made yours." (16.7-8)

Honestly, we're with Dr. Cable on this, sort of: Tally is being pushed and pulled and stretched in many directions. She can't keep her promises both to Shay and to Peris, but she still has something of a choice about which promise to break.

Quote #8

But at least she'd never know the real truth. The pendant was charred beyond recognition, its true purpose hidden forever. Tally slumped into David's arms, closing her eyes. The image of the glowing heart was burned into her vision.

She was free. (32.142-3)

For one moment, Tally feels free, because she only has one desire now instead of all those conflicting desires and promises. But with his usual irony, Westerfeld will soon throw Tally into the fire, when the Specials come to burn down the Smoke. At the moment she finally feels free, she's actually about to be put into a strict confinement.

Quote #9

There weren't many barriers in the city—not that you could see, anyway. If you weren't supposed to be someplace, your interface ring just politely warned you to move along. (41.61)

Confinement in the city isn't about walls and fences—it's about making the people not want to go somewhere. (It's like what David says about how the city makes you feel ugly; well, the city also makes you want to obey orders.) This is a great bit of evidence for how confinement and barriers inUglies tend to be inside of people's minds.

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