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by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies Society and Class Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

She always felt respect when face-to-face with a middle or late pretty. But in the presence of this cruelly beautiful man, respect was saturated with fear. (12.43)

Notice how Tally "always" has these feelings for the pretties: no matter who those middle or late pretties are, she felt respect for them. Similarly, whenever she met a new pretty, she was a little in awe and every time she meets a Special, she'll be a little afraid. So the class system in the city basically governs every interaction and feeling these people have.

Quote #5

Here in the Smoke only five months, Shay's friends already had a hint of David's self- assurance. Somehow, they carried the authority of middle pretties without the firm jaw, the subtly lined eyes, or the elegant clothing. (25.4)

In the city, Tally has certain feelings for the classes (see the quote above) based on their appearance (the firm jaw, elegant clothing, etc.). But here in the Smoke, these uglies give off the same feeling as middle pretties without the clothes. Is this a society without appearance? A society where what you do matters?

Quote #6

"I wasn't supposed to tell anyone I was coming here. David made me promise I wouldn't even tell you." (27.45)

Shay tells Tally that there's no boss in the Smoke: "And you can leave whenever you want, go anywhere you want" (11.38). Even the character named "The Boss" is just the Boss of the library. But notice how David is kind of in charge of who comes to the Smoke. He's the one who goes to the cities to recruit kids and he's the one who makes Shay promise not to tell Tally. So maybe the Smoke isn't totally leaderless.

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