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by Scott Westerfeld

Tally Timeline and Summary

  • Tally misses Peris but meets Shay.
  • They pull some ugly tricks, and Shay teaches Tally how to ride a hoverboard, but they also argue about whether or not the pretty surgery is a good thing.
  • Shay leaves for the Smoke, but Tally stays to be made pretty.
  • Surprise! Dr. Cable refuses to let Tally get the surgery. Cable blackmails Tally into telling about the Smoke.
  • Tally hesitates. Her parents can't convince her to break her promise to Shay, but Peris eventually does.
  • But that's not enough for Cable, who sends Tally off to find the Smoke.
  • Tally has some adventures finding the Smoke, including finding some pretties who seem smarter than other pretties and who are performing some environmental management.
  • Tally reaches the Smoke and learns both about the Smoke (how it works, who lives there) and about the Rusty civilization (how they looked weird, and eventually died).
  • Tally spends some time with David, which isn't bad for her (David is okay), except that she seems to get in the way of Shay having a relationship with David.
  • David's parents tell Tally that the pretty surgery causes brain damage.
  • Tally destroys the tracking device in rage, but the fire activates it and Special Circumstances swoop in.
  • When Special Circumstances destroys the Smoke, Tally escapes and finds David.
  • They go to the city and rescue the captives, but David's dad is dead (guilt) and Shay is pretty (major guilt).
  • And then Tally confesses everything to David and volunteers to be made pretty so that David's mom can test her brain-damage cure.